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Citrus and Agricultural Marketing Representative

About Blue Rock Sales and Marketing

Blue Rock Sales and Marketing, Inc. is an Illinois based company working with manufacturers to penetrate the horticultural and specialty agricultural markets.  Blue Rock was formed in 1997 with the objective of providing manufacturers a focused representation in the greenhouse, nursery and turf markets. Blue Rock expanded its markets to include conventional specialty agricultural in 1999 and organic farming in 2002. Blue Rock's mission is To Provide the Best Sales and Marketing Representation for the Chemical Segment of the Green Industry. Blue Rock focuses on insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides for companies that find the hurtle rate too high to have their own personnel. Blue Rock's team can bring incremental revenue to manufacturers' molecules at a performance base rate.

Blue Rock markets and sells pesticide products for manufacturers into horticultural and specialty agricultural markets.  Blue Rock currently has 15 sales agents working throughout the United States. These agents are able to offer the needed representation to launch new as well as established companies and products into these markets.

Blue Rock's president, Ed FitzHarris, has a vast background in dealing with specialized markets. He brings with him strong executive skills necessary to develop, market, sell and support a full-line specialty company. His proven strong sales and marketing skills have been developed over 30 years in maximizing manufacturer's sales potential in the specialty pesticide markets. The sales force is made of 16 dedicated field personnel experienced in dealing directly with both the distributor network as well as the growers in the markets they represent.

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